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3000 for individuals. The charges cover an entire package being offered. For Corporate, request quotation @

No, we do not provide funding at the moment. Our focus is to build the skills that entrepreneurs will need to develop and run successful businesses.

Currently, our mentorship is virtual. Sometimes a mentor might be willing to meet you once in a while, but this is not guaranteed.

Yes. However, to receive a certificate, a trainee needs to meet the following requirements:

  • 100% content reviewed and field tasks completed at the end of the program. Feedback from mentors should have been implemented and re-submissions done (where required).
    • Trainees should demonstrate the following: Openness to feedback and ability to improve based on the feedback received, field tasks done with quality, and demonstrate commitment to learning, Is accessible and responsive in communication with the mentors, Communicates availability and changes in their schedule to the mentor, proactively asks for more information, feedback provides ideas and takes initiative

Simply by signing up. You should receive a response from us within 24-48 Working hours of signing up.

Yes, we have made it easier to learn anytime and anywhere.

We recommend taking one module at a time for effective learning. You can always take another module once you are done with your first one.

We accept payments via MPesa and PayPal. Payment details are provided after the survey is filled.

Based on your preferences, we will allocate you a minimum of 5 classes and a maximum of 12. You can always request more classes if you finish ahead of the estimated deadline.

You can contact us via email at or on phone at 0781591942.