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Did you know that ⅓ of your life is spent at your job? That is why it is important to have a career suited for your unique skill set and it is our mission to get you there. But what if you don’t know how to get a job or start a business after school? Or, you underestimated how competitive the entrepreneurship or job market is? With our high quality videos and personalized materials to be applied directly to your career or business, our courses are optimized for your enjoyment and retention, allowing you to get the most out of your online learning.

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Every class has 3 main drivers

Online Content

Using your own laptop, you can access our content which includes bite-sized videos to keep you engaged, plus hand selected reading materials and additional content made just for you!

Practical Tasks

Our assignments are designed so that you can start applying them to your life right away. They will challenge you to think critically about how you learn and make sure you’re absorbing the content.

Virtual Mentorship

Our mentors will follow you throughout your entire learning experience with Jijali. They provide you with professional feedback and can be used as a source of advice and inspiration.

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Experience the real change in your life thanks to your new skills, and join Jijali community for a life-long connection.


Of all our alumni, 80% say that the mentorship part of Jijali was the most impactful piece. We hand-pick our mentors from a pool of professionals in Kenya to ensure high-quality learning. Our goal is for you to become more confident and determined in whatever you pursue in your career.

Our mentors are hand-picked from a pool of professionals in Kenya. Every two weeks, you speak one-on-one with your mentor to help you implement your field tasks. Our goal is for you to become more confident, opportunistic and determined.

Of all our students, 80% say that the mentorship in our program made this program more impactful than any other online career course.

Find below the profiles of some of our mentors:

Kathleen's wide range of experience as an entrepreneur enables her to give high-quality, practical feedback to her mentees. She is the Founder and CEO of Infinity Digital Ltd. which is a communications, marketing and strategy consultancy.

Stephen is one of our most engaged mentors. He consistently receives high-quality feedback and uses his experience at Zhongwu, an e-commerce platform, to support his mentees growth.

Liz has had vast experience working for multinational companies over the last decade. She provides mentees with sound advice and offers a highly professional perspective. Currently, she is the Communications Lead at GrowthAfrica.

Mika has both non-profit and for-profit work experience which translates well across his diverse mentees. He coordinates growth and development of entrepreneurial oriented programs.

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For Individuals

Improve your career

Jijali will create a customized curriculum that will guarantee you succeed on your career growth journey. We will go beyond CV writing and job interview prep. With our interactive content, we'll help you understand your unique skills to enable you to build a solid foundation for your career, whether it's figuring out a career path, finding a new job or improving your performance at work.

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Build your Business

Use our entrepreneurship course to transform your idea into a revenue generating business or build growth within your existing enterprise. We don't look at your past experience, we adapt our course selection to meet your unique needs. With Jijali, we offer a foundational learning in entrepreneurship to make sure your business flourishes. From accounting to marketing to fundraising and management, we will ensure you are the entrepreneur you envisioned yourself to be.

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For Businesses

Grow your business talent

If you want to keep your best talent, you need to keep them engaged and growing. Our business talent course works with your employees to hone the skills that will make them more valuable in your company. They’ll learn to receive and give feedback, be more productive, plan and manage projects, become better problem solvers and better self-managers.


Thanks to the generous support of our program partners, Jijali is currently fully-funded for individual learners, which means learners can access the content and mentorship at no cost. This applies to the entrepreneurship and work-readiness module. Businesses and organisations looking to train their employees can access the content and mentorship at a discounted rate of Ksh. 780 per month.

For Individuals

Ksh 0

Ksh 3000

Per Course

This includes online content, practical tasks and virtual mentorship. Courses are inclusive of multiple classes.

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For Businesses

Ksh 780

Ksh 6000

Per Course

This includes online content, practical tasks and virtual mentorship. Courses are inclusive of multiple classes.

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What do Jijali Learners Say?

Team Behind our Content

Jijali is powered by Yusudi , an award-winning social enterprise that is NITA certified. As a result, we have in-house experts in learning, skills training, business and career development to curate only the best content for YOU. We also involve other experts in the field that share their two-cents to give you the best learning material.

Nastia Gutsol

Co-founder of Yusudi

Felix Gitonga

Content Developer

Lorna Kanyuga

Project Manager

George Watakah

Learning Support

Fidelis Mutuku

Learning Support

Grace Mwarania

Customer Experience Manager

Tevin Nzei

Learning Manager


Co-Founder of Yusudi