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Entrepreneurship As The BackBone Of Success

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2021-09-06 13:13:30.266283+00:00

Entrepreneurship has and will remain to be the best art for any person planning to shape their financial freedom and general well-being. I remember the first time I came across this word it wasn't only strange but also complicated to my pronunciation and these are some words that made my business class hard to handle. 

When I was younger, my parents especially my mother would teach me to sell foodstuffs but both of us never knew the impact she was creating in my life .I used to lament why only me been given the "difficult work "of selling yet my brothers and sisters are spared.My mother could say, "you the best seller " which would water down any resentment I developed over the idea but I'm thankful for having her shape the business young man I am today..

This was actually a transformation that made me start tackling things from a different perspective because I would turn every negativity into positivity by simplifying complicated scenarios ending with ideas of either creating employment or profits. When I realized that I had this passion by working on it from reading various books and training I transformed my passion into a business and I have seen significant growth in the business arena which has elevated me to start offering solutions to different problems in the society with the aim of making profits.

Entrepreneurship requires management skills that must be gained from either proper training or practice because when you start setting up businesses you will need employees who have different personalities. Therefore its entirely on you to understand how to treat all these employees with dignity so that they can run a business for you without any malicious thoughts.

There is also the aspect of risk,which now separates the risk-takers and risk averse. On this subject, I would say it's good taking calculated risks which implies you as an entrepreneur you need to conduct serious market analysis. This entails checking into your active competitors what they do and what is their unique value propositions. If at all you are planning to offer exactly the same services as them I will advise you to bring out the missing thing from their business to the clients this would range from customer service, market trends analysis and time management which are ignorable elements by most business onwers.

Finally ending this blog, I would say business owners get better by reading, training and practising what they absorb into their heads. Therefore a business owner should always have the thirst for information that is viable for their business for them to survive the dynamic economic times we have ahead,.Thank you.

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